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History Lovers Will Enjoy Studying Iranian Descent

When we learn about history we get to expand ourselves as human beings. We open our minds to things we didn’t know before but maybe always wondered about. As we learn more about human nature and history we learn more about ourselves. Even if you don’t have any Iranian descent in your family you can still be engaged by learning about the rich history. Those who are of Iranian descent can benefit by learning about the interesting and diverse culture from which they originate. Learn more here about this diverse world. Take a moment to see this website and visit another world.

You can learn a lot of history of a culture by looking at the language. The main language spoken in Iran is called Farsi. This is the Persian language. There’s more than one language spoken in Iran. Did you know that Farsi is an Indo-European language? A little over three-fourths of Iran’s people speak a form of Indo-European languages. Approximately 55% of the population speak the Persian language. These languages fit into the Indo Iranian group The majority of the literature that you will find in Iran will be comprised of this Persian language.

Do you know where we will look at next when
studying Iranian descent? Religion is a great cornerstone of any society. Almost all of the people in Iran are Muslims. There are different Muslim groups in Iran. Did you know that there is a small percentage of people in Iran you are not Muslims? Can you guess what this is? Christians and Jews are two groups that make up a small percentage of Iran’s population. They are considered a minority religious group because they make up less than 1%. However small the Christian presence is larger than the Jewish presence in Iran. The main group you will find out Orthodox Armenians. You can also find a little bit of Protestant and Roman Catholic presence.

Demographic facts about Iranian descent can often be surprising. About 25% of the people in Iran are under the age of 15 years. Around the 1960s a migration happened that impacted Iran’s culture. A whole lot of people started moving out of the rural areas and into the cities. However some consider the biggest change to be in 1979 when a large number of people moved out of the country. Thousands of Iranian scholars and teachers moved into Western countries. Many Jewish people began to leave the country as well. Both of these changes have changed the Iran urban and rural ratio.

Doesn’t it feel refreshing to learn about the fascinating world we live in? Your awesome brain will thank you for learning about this fascinating culture. Iranian descent is a subject that is interesting, fascinating and surprising.

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