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The Unique Nature of Handmade Singing Bowls

The origin of the Singing bowl is believed to be Tibet, a long time ago. There is also the fact that Tibetan monks are handy when it comes to unsung these bowls. We tend to react to the sounds produced by the singing bowls, both in mind and body. These bowls make a sound that is capable of soothing us enough to relax and concentrate deeper inwards. This is possible when the vibrations massage our bodies.

They are manufactured in Nepal and India. You will hear the processes utilizing three, five, or sometimes seven types of metal. The more metals you see in the production, the higher the quality of the product. They are also unique in the sense that each is handmade.

When you set out to buy a Tibetan singing bowl, there are things you need to be keen on. You need to allow yourself plenty of time to find the right bowl. You will be using it not just for healing but also for meditation sessions.

When you go down to the shops, you can test it out by striking it with a stick. For you to play a Tibetan bowl, you need a thick wooden stick covered with soft leather on one end. When you strike it or rub it, it shall vibrate for some time. Striking it will also cause it to resonate for a few minutes as it produces several layers of tones. You need to hear a rich and heavy note. Most important, you should feel drawn to the sound. Only when you hear a sound you like will you manage to relax and focus deeper inwards. The vibrations passing through the body are what heal it. Your mind will be calm as the frequency of the vibrations passes through it.

Online stores should have some audio clips you can buy to listen. It is expected that there shall be some sample clips for testing before buying.

Smaller bowls usually give forth higher pitched sounds. Bigger bowls make lower and heavier pitch. You need to choose as per your preference.
You also need to think of the materials used to make the bowls. You need to go for those made of more metals.

You need also to observe the designs curved on the sides of the healing bowl. When you find one with a message you find appealing, buy it.

It is important for you to check whether the bowl was handmade. You are likely to meet machine made pieces in the market, which are not original. Their sound will, therefore, be of low quality comparatively. You shall also miss out on the unique nature of a handmade piece.
Once you find one that matched this criteria, you can look at the price and pay it.

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